The single window in my apartment: thicker than my arm is long. Where there are no windows, concrete and steel layer just as dense. Beyond these arms length barriers an intolerable earth. Wherever we walk, it is within these confines we conduct all of life. Under the canopy of the eternal ark, where fresh air abounds.

Wandering outdoors has become both too cumbersome and dire. One must don a fire retardant suit. Still, there is no calculating how a person will react shortly after exposure. Bodies gilded tin, the sun’s rays reflect off the silver lining -- but its heat still penetrates. The sensation ignites a fearsome fire, and desperate to extinguish the phantom flames, a perilous wanderer strips naked. Without barrier a bare body collapses to the floor within minutes, their pendulous tumble capped with a resounding crunch, as their crisped skin crumbles against the dusted earth.

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