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Five Nonprofits Fighting Real Life Dystopias

by Nate Eckman in Essay

Lived dystopias are nightmares incarnate. They are life on an uninhabitable planet or living under a totalitarian regime. It is survival and nothing more; a life defined more by pain and perseverance than any other qualities.   Speculatively was founded on a love for fictional dystopias. These stories are vehicles for...

Kurt Vonnegut: Surreal Imaginings of A Kinder World

by Nate Eckman in Essay

Kurt Vonnegut's literary idiosyncrasies were so unique that his critics proclaimed he had single handedly invented a new genre of literature. It was never given a name. Perhaps because it was never replicated. Satirical science-fiction written in an experimental absurdist tone became, succinctly, "Vonnegut's."...

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